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Tome Ceramics pieces are created with stoneware and porcelain clay bodies on the potter’s wheel, by hand building, or through slip casting techniques.  Some are carved with textures and patterns, illustrated by hand, and others treated with deep colorful complex glazes to accentuate the forms.


Each piece is unique because it is made by hand.  While some forms and patterns maybe similar, subtle differences will exist between each piece.  Tome Ceramics have an organic quality, allowing ‘the hand’ to be shown in the work, this adds to their individuality and beauty.


Carla Tome, owner of Tome Ceramics is a native of Los Angeles and has been a painter and ceramicist for since 1991.  In 2013 she founded Tome Ceramics to create a line of functional objects that are well crafted, beautiful to look at and well designed for everyday use.  She believes strongly that; “Beautiful hand crafted art should be a part of our daily lives.”


Her work is directly influenced by Modern art, craft and design along with North and South American Indigenous art and pottery, as well as her unique multi cultural make up of being half Japanese-Peruvian and half Italian.  She also draws from the shapes, colors, patterns and textures of her natural and urban landscape of Southern California.

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